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Discuss with your parents what confidence means, and why it is important



He taonga rongonui te aroha ki te tangata

Goodwill towards others is a precious treasure

Learning Links

Online learning links for Kōtare and Korimako



Read daily for at least 20 minutes. Keep a record of your reading in the reading log or create a reading log in your book.


.Complete the writing schedule attached for each day.

You can also use this time to research and write your speech


This experiment is great for testing if hot watermolecules really move faster than cold ones.

Te Reo

Practice and test your knowledge of fruit and vegetables in Te Reo


Do as many questions as
you can. Practice a times table every day

Physical Activity

Create your own cross country training track around the outside of your house. Could you include some obstacles? Could you show your siblings the track? Practice for the cross country daily.

Optional Tasks

Choose at least 5 different ones over the course of the week